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Outcome-Based Education (EasyAccredite) Platform

The Product

The outcome-based education model is a student-centric instruction model that focuses on measuring student performance via course outcomes. Course outcomes are mapped to assessment rubrics. The OBE model measures the progress of the graduate in the following parameters, which are

  • Program Educational Objectives (PEO)
  • Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)
  • Program Outcomes (PO)
  • Course Outcomes (CO)

The Process

The EasyCheck Digital Evaluation is an efficient process that transforms the existing complex manual process into an accurate and a transparent one. From scanning of answer sheets to processing of results and solutions, EasyCheck is the ideal digital solution for managing the examination evaluation process.


  • Integrated with ERP and VOLP-LMS Solution
  • Learner centric outcome-based education
  • OBE Platform can be set up as institute process
  • Accreditation based Reports
  • Analytics reports to take data backed decisions

Why Choose EasyAccredite Tool

  • Provides seamless user experience
  • Gives monitoring tools for tracking academic and non-academic progress
  • Cultivates better teaching and learning methods