edupluscampus LMS features

edupluscampus Learning Management System has following features.

Cloud Based

Entire LMS data like videos, study materials, reference books, assignments on cloud. Available at anytime from anywhere.

Secured System

LMS hosting on secure professional cloud having all security features. Encrypted database. Access control.


Provision for certificate generation. Customizable Template creation for certificates.

Career Guidance

Student profiling using examination data and resume building. Recommending skills and career path to students. Online job alerts.

Personalized Learning

Access learning material at anytime and anywhere. Learning flow adjustable for slow and fast learners.

Instructor & Learner Dashboards

Separate dashboard for instructors and learners. Mobile App support for learners.

Hands On Tools

Tool based assignment creation by instructors. Integrated online tools with LMS platform.


Customizable assignment question bank. Assignment types like MCQ, Match the pairs, Fill in the blanks, Hands-On, Subjective etc are supported. Online assignment submission and evaluation.

Discussion Forum

Learner can ask query individually to instructor. Instructor can answer individual learner. Instructor or learner can initiate discussion thread and all others can respond to that thread.

Progress Tracking

Learner can know his/her learning progress. Instructor can also track learner progress. Various data analytics for instructors.


Transactional notifications to learners and instructors. Promotional notifications to users. Supports email, SMS and WhatsApp.

Online Examinations

Dashboard to instructors to define exam patterns and question bank. Exam scheduling. Conduction of online examinations. Result generation.


Notify learners for happenings on LMS and registered subjects.

Help Desk

Technical and general problem resolution. Software application support. Email-Support. Available 24*7.

API Integration

LMS supports API integration with various third-party software.

User Analytics

Predict learner’s performance. Improve personalized learning experience. Improve learner retention rates.

Seamless User Experience

Increases user satisfaction. Improves institute brand. Ease of use.


Increases user engagement. Improves learner’s thought process. Friendly competition. Better learning experience.

Video Subtitle

Sub-title provision in front of video. Remove barrier of pronunciation understanding. Remove barrier of language.

Self Pace Courses Within Schedule Window

No strict schedule based learning. Learners can learn at their pace and enjoy learning.

Integration with Linkedin

Integrated LMS with LinkedIn. Automatic job recommendations from Linkedin. Provision of pushing degree and certificate to linked-in platform.

Integration with Job API

LMS is integrated with CareerJet Job API. Learners can search jobs according to location on LMS.

Mobile app support