edupluscampus ERP

Edupluscampus Smart ERP Features


Complete digital automation of admission process. Convenient for applicants. Demolishing geography. Help institute to select best fit applicant.

Fees & Accounting

Record, organize and automate your transactions, generate financial reports to build insight.

Subject Registration

Exam Scheduling, Automated Seating Arrangement, Dynamic Assessment Rubrics, Dynamic grading Scheme, Fast Result processing.

Examination & Result

The agency will support to develop innovation and technology to startups in many variations.

Online Examination

Save Paper, Save Time. Customizable question bank with different question formats. Exam scheduling and conduction.


Support for various accreditation bodies to upgrade brand of your institute. Support for outcome based education process.

Student & Faculty Profile

Student profiling to get various analytics and helping students for placement and career guidance. Faculty profiling to get reports for accreditation bodies.


Create timetable with customizable slots to utilize infrastructure and resources efficiently. Timetable reports on student mobile app.

Academic Monitoring

Customize and manage diversified courses and batches according to your institution process. Student attendance entry using mobile apps. Generate Customized reports and integrate with teacher dashboard.


Conduct subject, institute, infrastructure and program specific outcome feedback to strengthen institute process and improve quality of academics.


Customizable faculty appraisal policies. Evaluate faculty on parameters and assign institute and departmental ranking to faculties.

Leave Management

Automate all types of leave application process. Leave Application Tracking. Configuring escalation matrix for leave application approval. Automated notifications.

Employee Digital Order

Automate employee office order generation process. Deliver digitally signed order to employees.

Employee Attendance Monitoring

Employee attendance tracking using interconnected person identity tracking hardware units. Attendance monitoring dashboards for administrators.


Employee Calendar. Tax updates. Create Payslips. Reminders. Automated compliance reports.

Recruitment Portal

Automate employee recruitment process. Online applications. Online Exam. Automation of selection rounds.

TPO Automation

Student profile. Resume building. TPO process automation. Online company on-board. Notification and Alerts. Mobile app for students. Student placement tracking.

Question Bank Repository

Common repository to store all types of question banks. Question can be in the form of multiple choice questions, Pair matching, fill in the blanks etc.

Section/Front Office Automation

Digitally interconnecting front offices of institute. Dashboard to each front office section.

Assignment Submission Portal

Paperless work. Save time and energy of faculties. Customizable assignments setting with multiple problem statements. Randomizing problems. Plagiarism check of assignments submitted by students.

Alumni Portal

Building institute alumni database. Connect with alumni. Alumni meet scheduling. Fund raising. Increasing brand value of institute.

Career Guidance

Student profiling using examination data and resume building. Recommending skills and career path to students. Online job alerts.

Help Desk

Technical and general problem resolution. Software application support. Email-Support. Available 24*7.


Organize entire transport operations, manage vehicles and routing details, fee collection and generate reports. Student location tracking.

Lead Management System

Lead tracking. Lead filtering. Increase in lead conversion. API integration.

Training & Development

Identification of training needs for faculties and students. Skill Recommendations. Training tracking.

Health Management

Book appointment. Appointment tracking. Notifications. Dashboard to doctors and institiute.

Role Management

Individual login for student/parents/teachers/employees which enable them to perform their tasks efficiently. Role management dashboard to coordinators.

Document Management

Online document delivery application. Online Payment. Document Tracking. Escalation Matrix. Document delivery on portal.

Event Management

Create event. Team formation. Event budget creation. Event registration. Event notifications.


Increased transparency. Detailed planning. Integration of different sub-budgets. Resource optimization.


Automated QR-Code and RFID enabled ID-Card Report Generation. No manual process.

Syllabus Creation

Online syllabus setting. Design template for syllabus creation. Central sylaabus repository.

Project Tracking

Individual and group project tracking. Automated notification and alerts. Online project evaluation.

Mobile app support